Confessions Of A Backstage Hypocrite

People need to be careful what sin they let sin and lay dormant in their daily lives. If God has called you away  from sin why is any sin taking a seat in any ones lives……. The  answer is because they allow it. God is all powerful he can remove the sin that you might think is too big for him to handle God has the power to destroy any work of the devil. Right now in my life I am going through a HUGE trial , that I brought on myself. Many people think if they are told the truth about something they think that oh if I just shrug it off and push it to the side then it wont bother me. ….. Ha ha ah please people think again. Truth always gets the upper hand there is no way it can be pushed aside and not dealt with sooner or later. this is just an intro to this blog. In this blog I will be dealing with truths that were told to me over the many years . Most i didn’t take heed to and now they pop back up to take control. So brace yourselves. \\ Because these are y confessions

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